Aokigahara Forest : The Perfect Place To Die

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aokigahara the perfect place to die


The Perfect Place To Die

Aokigahara forest has some nicknames, are ‘dead forest’, ‘sea of trees’, ‘suicide forest’ and The Complete Manual of Suicide, by Wataru Tsurumi, named the forest as ‘the perfect place to die’. Most commonly this book is also found in the forest and not too far away from suicide victims and their belongings. Undoubtedly, hanging is the most common suicide in the forest. The forest situated in an area of 35 square kilometers at the northwest beneath of Mount Fuji in Japan.
Peoples nearby the forest says : three types of peoples are the main visitors of Aokigahara forest hikers, rubberneckers, and peoples who don’t want to come back. Moving to the dense forest of Aokigahara sunlight don’t reach the ground and wind only passes through the top of trees like waves, therefore, the forest often called ‘sea of trees’. Hikers don’t leave their path because once they choose the wrong way then they can not come back from the forest. In 2016 a Hollywood movie called “The Forest” has been released on the basis of Aokigahara.

the perfect place to die


In each year around hundreds of people’s committing suicide at Aokigahara forest, in 2002, 78 dead bodies were found in the forest. By 2003 it is exceeded 104 suicides, then the local government at Aokigahara stopped reporting on the number of suicides but that couldn’t make an effect on the number of dead bodies in the forest and in 2010, 247 peoples attempted suicide, 54 of them succeeded.

These suicide attempts because in many cases, it is considered an honorable way to escape from the shame of failure. “The Japanese do not feel that suicide is something bad, and it becomes part of aesthetics and part of accepted behaviour,” Masao Miyamoto, a psychiatrist, and the author has said. And the forest is later known as the second most popular spot for suicide in the world, first is ‘Golden gate bridge‘.


aokigahara forest

The Mythology At Aokigahara

The Aokigahara forest is of terrifying spirits of Japanese mythology known as “yūrei” the peoples believed that the forest is haunted by evils and spirits of the dead. All these causes at Aokigahara because peoples once practiced ‘ubasute‘, abandoning parent or elderly relative to a remote area and leave them to die. Tower of Waves, a 1960’s novel by Seichō Matsumoto, features a beautiful, love-torn heroine who commits suicide there.

suicide forest


The above writing is a perfect advice from the police to whom decide to suicide, and the writings says : “Your life is a precious gift from your parents. Think about them and the rest of your family. You don’t have to suffer alone.” below is a free helpline number, however, sometimes the number is useless because due to the volcanic soil GPS, cell phone and compose will not work properly it affect interference and connectivity to the outer world will lose.




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