Hack Any Android Phone Remotely

Do You Believe Your Phone Is Safe ? How Powerfull Is Android Not only by the hackers, some other people’s ¬†around the world can also hack any android phone remotely. Peoples consider that Android is the most secure smartphone in the world, sometimes its a fact but on the other hand it’s hard to believe […]

Linux Vs Windows : Why Windows Is Not Secure

Linux Vs Windows: Difference Between Linux and Windows Introduction Linux Vs Windows is a most common debate in the world. Users of each operating system are curious to know the difference between Linux and Windows for which is the best operating system for both personal and business purposes. Linux is a Unix-like free and open […]

Aokigahara Forest : The Perfect Place To Die

  The Perfect Place To Die Aokigahara forest has some nicknames, are ‘dead forest’, ‘sea of trees’, ‘suicide forest’ and The Complete Manual of Suicide, by Wataru Tsurumi, named the forest as ‘the perfect place to die’. Most commonly this book is also found in the forest and not too far away from suicide victims […]