Most Creepy and Abandoned Places In The World

Some Most Creepy And Abandoned Places In The World These are some of the most creepy and abandoned places in the world that everyone fears to go. All these places are being abandoned because of the spooky activities. 1. Czech Republic, Abandoned Church   It is the St. George Church located in the northwestern Bohemia town […]

The Untold Mysteries Of Bermuda Triangle

Amazing Facts Of Bermuda Triangle Mystery Introduction To Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Triangle Mystery or The Devil’s Triangle is an obscure and unsolved mystery in the world. The reason behind the triangular shape of it is by spreading it in the North Atlantic Ocean, from Bermuda Island to Miami, USA and Puerto Rico. The Bermuda Triangle is not […]

Aokigahara Forest : The Perfect Place To Die

  The Perfect Place To Die Aokigahara forest has some nicknames, are ‘dead forest’, ‘sea of trees’, ‘suicide forest’ and The Complete Manual of Suicide, by Wataru Tsurumi, named the forest as ‘the perfect place to die’. Most commonly this book is also found in the forest and not too far away from suicide victims […]