Most Creepy and Abandoned Places In The World

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creepy and abandoned place in world

Some Most Creepy And Abandoned Places In The World

These are some of the most creepy and abandoned places in the world that everyone fears to go. All these places are being abandoned because of the spooky activities.

1. Czech Republic, Abandoned Church


It is the St. George Church located in the northwestern Bohemia town of Luková, in later the church was set to call Church Of Nine Ghosts. Becuase after abandoning the church by neighborhood people’s, an artist Jakub Hadrava reconstructed the haunted church by his concept of creating and installing of nine hooded phantoms from plaster and gave life by eerie lighting.

2. Shades Of Death Road and Ghost Lake


Shades of death road is a two-lane rural road of about 11.2 km in length in central Warren County, New Jersey USA. The mystery’s of shades of death road via the Jenny Jump State Forest people’s says they saw extremely dangerous souls wandering over the road and so close to the road side but only to vanish when approached. Ghost Lake is a neighboring water source of this death road. Visitors reported that they saw something always walking or standing on the water surface of Ghost Lake, most of them are arguing that souls are wandering over the lake.

3. Tequendama Falls Museum of Biodiversity and Culture


De Salto Hotel is a mansion in San Antonio del Tequendama, Colombia. In 1923, the building was constructed by the architect Carlos Arturo Tapias, and the museum faced to the Tequendama Falls on the Bogotá River. Thereafter the hotel was abandoned in the early 90s for more than two decades due to Bogotá River contamination

4. Lost Underwater City In Shicheng China


The Lion City or in Chinese Shicheng is situated in the bottom of Qiandao Lake. Qiandao Lake is a human-made lake Zhejiang Province, China, was submerged underwater after the completion of the Xin’an River hydroelectric station in 1959.

5. Abandoned IM Power Station Cooling Tower, Belgium

The IM power plant was one of the largest coal-burning power plants in Belgium built in 1921. Therefore, it was the main source of energy in the Charleroi area and was able to cool down 480,000 gallons of water per minutes but in later the IM power plant was closed in 2007 because it was responsible for 10 percent of the total carbon dioxide emissions in Belgium.

6. Abandoned Sanzhi Pod houses 


San Zhi Houses or Sanzhi Pod City is an another abandoned place in  Sanzhi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. The UFO houses were constructed in the beginning of 1978. The intention behind the construction of these pods is vacation resorts for the U.S military officers posted in, Asia. But unfortunately, the project is never been completed yet due to investment losses and several car accident deaths and suicides during construction. Peoples believe that bisecting of the inauspicious Chinese Dragon sculpture for the widening of the road to houses is the reason for all those bad incidents.

7. Island Of Dolls, Mexico


You can find this small beautiful island at Xochimilco district Mexico. Many years ago in a nearby canal, a Strange dead body of a cute little girl was found by Don Julian Santana Barrera the caretaker of this island. Thereafter Julian saw a lot of floating dolls near at that canal and he picked up those dolls and hang on trees to show a respect to the girl’s spirit because he believes that all those dolls are possessed by her spirit.

8. Château Miranda, Belgium

Château Miranda (English: Miranda Castle), also known as Château de Noisy (English: Noisy Castle) was built in 1866 by an English architect Edward Milner under commission from the Liedekerke-De Beaufort family when they left their previous home. It was suddenly abandoned in 1980, with the family denying rights to permit authorities to worry for the castle. attributable to its past, this haunting castle forever remains a favorite ghost looking destination among people that visit it.

9. Floating Forest in Sydney – Australia

SS Ayrfield, is something like an Ark of Noah. After the World War II a large steamship that went wreck in Homebush Bay, Australia. In its former life, the SS Ayrfield was used to transport supplies to American troops stationed in the Pacific during World War II before operating as a collier. It was sent to Homebush for disposal in 1972 after sixty years of service.

10. Abandoned Pripyat city, Ukraine


Pripyat (Prypiat) is an abandoned city in Kiev region of Ukraine. It was the home city of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, one of the largest power plant in Europe. The city was abandoned after the evacuation due to a massive radiation leakage from the power plant.


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