Important Facts To Consider By Girls Before Posting Pics On Social Media

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Nowadays social media has a huge role in our everyday life most of us are addicted to social medias by posting to different social media’s, wandering over feeds, commenting posts, liking posts, and sharing posts. But a community study shows 73% of social media users are consistently using it for reading and exploring trolls related to current affairs and most of the social media users are teens. Teens and social media are connected strongly because they have more than enough time to spend on social media’s and hence they are the main explores of each social circle. Social medias are very important to our current lifestyles and it can not be avoided but it should be used of very carefully because it’s something effective than atom bombs.

Girls Should Consider These Things Before Post Photos To Any Social Media

Your belief is you guys are safe by social media guidelines and their security features but unfortunately you are not! Maybe your account is secure by their privacy policies but your post is not secure enough.

Now it is trending to post photos on social media’s especially selfie photos. Yes, it is good to share your awesome moments with your friends and family but at the same time, you got to understand you are posting to the world wide web(WWW) its reach is wide and limitless.

teens and social media

All of the normal users of social media’s are first layer users which means you have safe connections and a good friends circle but there is an another layer of social media users are called psychopaths or you can call them as thieves because they rob your photos and videos for abusing. Especially these psychopaths target girls and grab their photos for posting on fake social media accounts to cheat someone for any specific goal or to enjoy theirself. Sometimes all these robbed photos are posted to porn related contents but you’ll never gonna notice about these abuses because you have no connections between these psychopaths.

You think your account is secured and posts are only visible to your friends but how much of your friends are trustworthy? You are adding friends by considering mutual friends or counting mutual friends, considering friends from places, schools, colleges, and organizations where you work or went for. Therefore, in a big friends circle, it’s common to have fraud friends.

Teens are more curious for using post tags on social media and if you tag friends to improve your post reach and engagements then remember your photos and videos are visible to your friends and friends of your friends so the chance to get your posts being abused is big.

Some are very much in use of hashtags to increase their post reach but it is only common on Instagram and Twitter. When a post is used of hashtags then your post is visible to search results with regards of that hashtags.

With all best regards try to have good friends on social media’s and always aware of psychopaths before you post. Good Luck!!!

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